Campus Club of India

The Campus Club of India has various groups under it, which specifically addresses a particular section of the society. Among the various such groups that we have, here is one for the working youth of today called ‘Working youth’. We envisage a society of various individuals who work in different groups but, are all headed to a common destination: to make the society a better place to live.

The Life of the working Youth, today.

The youth of today are ambitious and pursuing higher goals in life which, most often, keeps them very busy. They have very little time for any other thing (not even for their own selves). But, if we are not to spare time for the larger interest of the society and the nation, how can anyone progress? How can society and the nation progress?

With the kind of “9 to 5 job life”, there is something missing in the lives of every working youth”, and that is “personal indulgence”.  With no gatherings, no celebrations, no social events to attend, life is being lived but, it’s still a “dull and unhappy life”. The wellbeing of the youth is to a large extent dependent on how their ongoing ‘social’ and ‘personal development is.

This is where the ‘Campus club of India’ comes in to bring a change into your hectic, tiresome lives.

Social interaction, gatherings, meetings, etc. bring people closer to understanding one another and to multiply relationships. We, ‘Campus Club of India’, invite the working youth of today, to participate in society-building. And also, for activities that meet the needs and interests of different age groups to provide a foundation for young people to develop to their full capacity. Calling all you ‘working youth’ of today, to be a member. Come, join us!


Your jobs will continue, your careers will keep progressing as it was, or even better. Here is where you’ll meet other working youths, like you, bond with them and probably become best of friends or may even have professional ties; who knows!

We are in pursuit of happiness for the working youth of today.

Being a member at ‘Campus Club of India’, you have the opportunity to involve yourself in various activities and groups. Activities are very important for nearly every youth group. We organize special “get-to gathers” and outings too, for you to lighten up and refresh. Come, lighten your hearts, lift up your spirits and, go on with a “Renewed” Life.

Every one of us has a right to “A Happy Life!”

A small gathering… Meeting-up with other friendly working youths like you… Have a heart-to-heart chat… Foster a bonding friendship…

Everything here, at the ‘Campus Club of India’!