Campus Club of India

Many facilities and concessions for senior citizens are available in India. Saving Schemes, Pension schemes, tax-saving schemes, tax-benefit schemes….and so on goes the long and lengthy list of benefits, to the Senior Citizens. The various schemes and facilities by Governments and Financial institutions avail many such benefits. However, what they have all missed out on is: at this ‘isolated’ and ‘uncared-for’ age, what any senior citizen wants in life is nothing but happiness!

Yes, Senior citizens want the remaining of their lives to be spent in peace and happiness.
They want the company of their children and grandchildren at home, they want to spend time with their colleagues chatting about the beautiful old days, and at times, going on a short trip/vacation.  

We are in pursuit of your Happiness.

Don’t be afraid of death, be afraid of the unlived life, you don’t have to live forever, you just have to live. OR. Beautiful young people are acts of nature but beautiful old people are works of art.

All these will now come to an end. Life will go on as it was, in the good old days when you too LIVED to the fullest. Yes, Life shall be LIVED TO THE FULLEST with age being no barrier. We will organize happiness in your life. We will bring back the beautiful old days of your life. We will bring the short trips and vacations back into your lives.  

Loneliness and depression are terrible, fast killers. During old age, Loneliness and depression is a common thing that strikes most of us. The best medicine is ‘Company’. Here is where you will bond with many who are like you and keep a company of like-minded ones. You’ll have a hearty discussion, you’ll refresh your life and you’ll find Happiness!

We Organise Social activities, and much more.

Free yourself from boredom! Make short travels and rejuvenate your boring life. Travel Is The Best Medicine. A new study has found, elderly people who are more involved in outdoor activities like traveling stay younger, fitter, and healthier. This is due to decreased risk of heart strokes which are common as one grows old. It is also beneficial to people suffering from other old age-related illnesses’ like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Social activities: – help give a sense of purpose, whether it’s simply the routine of having a schedule and a place to be, or the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching a goal. Social activities help seniors stay involved and active in the community. Come, mingle with like-minded ones and share that hearty laughter which you almost have forgotten. Laughter and smiles are not restricted to youthful ages. You too have a full right!  

Dances: – Whether you want to step back in time and move to the beat of the big bands, or tap your feet to a square dance call, our senior citizen centers focus on keeping their members active by providing dances, often on a monthly basis. We want to see you swing to your songs and free yourselves from worries and stress!

Bingo and other games: – Centres often organize game nights, with tables set up to host bingo, bridge, and other card games. Play and return to childhood!

Bus trips: – For many elderly, transportation is limited to catching rides from neighbors, family, and friends. Many senior citizen centers run shuttle buses to local shopping centers, community centers, and scheduled community events.

In this fast-moving world, senior citizens only face Isolation, loneliness, and depression from their near and dear ones. Many are locked in a separate room while others are looked after by paid caretakers, while others are sent to homes for the aged.  In a desperate quest for privacy, the modern nuclear family concept has almost put an end to the 4 decades-old, joint family system.

There is a need to bring back the 4 decades old, joint family system, which consisted of a large family that included grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and in-laws, and of course, the mother, father, and children.  A family where the grandparents mingled with their grandchildren. And, finally, a large extended family that lived happily under one roof.


Let’s come together… Let make the past a forgotten chapter… Let’s begin a new chapter…

Let’s release ourselves from the clutches of worry… Let’s not be afraid to take time for ourselves…

Let’s re-evaluate our relationships… Let’s lighten up and have some fun… Let’s live our best life starting NOW.