Campus Club of India

A student’s life is all about books, school, and examinations. From waking up in the mornings and hurrying up for school, to coming back home, only to again make a dash to the tuition class. Once the tuition class is over, it’s almost the end of the day. This is the bare minimum program in a student’s life with just one day in a week (Sunday) to rest and rejuvenate. These days students don’t even rest on Sundays and holidays. They are running to attend some of the other Classes. So, it’s “all work and no play” in a student’s life.

School Students:

School students who are aged up to 15 or 16, are more prone to this stressful environment. There is constant pressure to perform and excel, in all the examinations, in their school. Parents have already set a goal for their children (they have already planned what their children shall grow up to become). With no one willing to settle for anything less than the highest marks/grades, the children’s pressure to perform and obtain the highest marks is only increasing.   

‘De-stress’ activities specially crafted for students.

Students, at this age, need enough physical activities to stay mentally and physically fit to handle the stress level. ‘Campus Club of India’ provides the solution to the students, with the right guidance, in the form of counseling. It doesn’t end here. There are ‘de-stress’ activities that are specially crafted for students to help them manage their stress, and also to counsel them for their future. Counseling is also provided to parents, at the same time, so that they are able to understand their children even better. Stress management and Career counseling, and activities; it’s all here!

Participate in Fun-filled activities and de-stress.

Free yourself from Stress, participate in fun and other activities, make short travels, picnics and rejuvenate your stressed life. Taking time off for short travels and picnics is the best medicine known to de-stress oneself. At ‘Campus Club of India’ you will bond with other students, and keep them company. You’ll have a hearty discussion, you’ll refresh your life be energized to handle your studies.  Play games, share hearty laughter! We organize social activities, games, trips, and more such extracurricular activities for school students.

What a student will benefit from by being a member at the ‘Campus Club of India’.

          * You’ll learn more about how to manage yourself and your time.

          * You’ll develop the most important requirement of today, “soft skills”.

          * You’ll learn how to get organized and work as a team.

          * You’ll expand your list of people through networking.

          * You’ll learn to interact, engage and harmonize with various groups.

          * You’ll learn about leadership and, be a leader too.

Release yourself from the clutches of worry…Re-evaluate yourself…lighten up and have some fun, but still keep a firm hold on Studies.

Life is not so worthless to be spent in worries. Take time out for your own self. Be a part of the ‘Campus Club of India’ today!