Campus Club of India

I studied hard, got my degree, got into a job, and life went on…

…until the day marriage happened. Slowly, the distance between friends, colleagues, and the near and dear ones increased, to a point where it just existed for namesake. Because I am busy looking after the house and family. I have a never-ending job yet no designation. For society, I am a just ‘Housewife’.

In India, and everywhere else, the term “Housewife” is used for women who stay at home to look after the house and do the household chores. Her job involves Cooking, cleaning, and looking after the children, among others. At the most, for her entertainment/ recreation, a housewife may spend time reading, listening to music, having small talk with her neighbor, who too is a housewife. She is not a decision-maker at home and depends on her husband for her financial needs. A Housewife does not have a fixed job timing, her job starts the moment she wakes up. This is a typical housewife in India.

Things have somewhat changed in the new millennium, and so has the outlook. Since the new millennium, housewives choose to do all their duties at home, and also do some jobs in their spare time, from home. Many are active freelance workers, working on their computers, while others are doing small-time marketing and sales, both offline and online.

However, with this kind of life, there is something missing in the lives of “housewives”, and that is “personal indulgence”.  With no gatherings, no celebrations, no social events (of her own) to attend, life is being lived but, it’s still a “dull and unhappy life”.

This is where we come in to bring a change into the lives of Housewives. We are the campus club of India!

We shall get you to “Indulge in yourself”. Your life, which is now so full of boredom and unhappiness, will soon be a thing of the past. Life shall be lived to the happiest, yet your responsibilities at home will not be hampered. We will organize happy events and “get to gathers” in your life, where you shall have time to indulge in activities that you missed out on.  Small things in life, often, bring buckets full of Happiness. The group outings and involvements at the ‘Campus Club Of India’ are sure to give you a new sense of belonging. Come, mingle with like-minded ones and share that hearty laughter which you almost have forgotten. Laughter and smiles are not restricted to youthful ages. You too have a full right!  

We are in pursuit of your Happiness.

Be a member at ‘Campus Club Of India’, and involve yourselves in various activities and groups. We organize special “get-to gathers” just for Housewives. Come, lighten your hearts, lift up your spirits and, go on with a “Renewed” Life.

Yes, you too have a right to “A Happy Life!”

A small gathering… Meeting-up with other friendly housewives… A heart-to-heart chat… A bonding friendship…

Find everything here!