Campus Club of India

A club for Govt. Employees? Yes, Govt. employees who work in defense forces, engineering sector, Public Service Commission, Banks, Central & State Governments, Railways, as Teachers, in Police depts. and others. This, our section is for Govt. Employees. The Campus Club of India has various sections, which are divided into groups to enable seamless management. We envisage a society of various individuals who work in different groups but, are all headed to a common destination: to make the society a better place to live. Our Objective is to provide welfare activities for members in the form of sports and recreational facilities.

We understand that you are well placed with so many benefits, as a government employee. There’s a Good salary, Job Security, Fixed working hours, Perks and bonuses, Retirement life benefits, Medical benefits, etc. And, this one thing is really great; no one can just fire you unless you do something really grave.

Is there nothing to escape from the horrors of work stress, you think? Wait, there is a solution! High-stress environments need de-stressing activities. However, there is something still missing from all of your lives…. recreational facilities. The wellbeing of an individual is, to a large extent dependent on how their ‘social’ and ‘personal’ life is. With ZERO personal life, it is but obvious that stress starts taking its toll.

This is where the ‘Campus club of India’ comes in to bring a change into your hectic, tiresome lives.

Social interaction, gatherings, meetings, etc. bring people closer to understanding one another and to multiply relationships. We, ‘Campus Club of India’, invite Govt. Employees, to participate in society-building. And also, for activities that meet the needs and interests of different age groups and job profiles like that of yours. So, here’s calling all you Govt. Employees, to be a member.

Come, join us!

Your professions (whatsoever) will continue as it was, might as well even progress. Here, at the ‘Campus Club of India‘, you’ll meet other Govt. Employees, like you, bond with them and probably become best of friends; who knows!  

We are in pursuit of happiness for you.  

Being a member at ‘Campus Club of India’, you have the opportunity to involve yourself in various activities and groups. Activities that will de-stress you and cheer your lives. We organize special “get-to gathers” and outings too, for you to lighten up and refresh. Come, lighten your hearts, lift up your spirits and, go on with a “Renewed” Life.

Every one of us has a right to “A Happy Life!”

A small gathering… Meeting up with other friends working people like you… Have a heart-to-heart chat… Foster a bonding friendship…

Everything here, at the ‘Campus Club of India’!