Campus Club of India

The Campus Club of India has various groups under it, which specifically addresses a particular section of the society. Among the various such groups that we have, here is one for the called ‘Employer‘. We envisage a society of various individuals who work in different groups but, are all headed to a common destination: to make the society a better place to live.

The Lives of the Employers of today.

Employers spend most part of their day at their workplace, even after the employees have left for the day. They have various, additional responsibilities concerning their employees with the salaries being the most important. They have to see to it that the business is running well to generate enough income to pay off their staff and, also to meet the expenses of their organizations. Some may even stay put until late at night, only to go home for dinner and straight away head to sleep. This is the normal routine that they live with.

Lifestyle-related diseases due to stress.

An Employee may have a 9 to 5 schedule, but most of the Employers, today, do not. Such a busy and tiring schedule means “all work and no play”. No gatherings, no celebrations, no social events to attend. life is being lived but, it’s still a “dull and unhappy life”. The wellbeing of an individual is, to a large extent dependent on how their ‘social’ and ‘personal’ life is. With ZERO personal life, it is but obvious that stress starts taking its toll. Some may fall ill very often, while some may fall critically ill with High blood pressure, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related diseases.

This is where the ‘Campus club of India’ comes in to bring a change into your hectic, tiresome lives.

Social interaction, gatherings, meetings, etc. bring people closer to understanding one another and to multiply relationships. We, ‘Campus Club of India’, invite Employers, to participate in society-building. And also, for activities that meet the needs and interests of different age groups and job profiles like that of yours. So, here’s calling all you ‘Employers’ of today, to be a member. Come, join us!

Your professions (whatsoever) will continue as it was, might as well even progress. Here, at the ‘Campus Club of India‘ you’ll meet other Employers, like you, bond with them and probably become best of friends or, may even have professional ties; who knows!  

We are in pursuit of happiness for you.  

Being a member at ‘Campus Club of India’, you have the opportunity to involve yourself in various activities and groups. Activities that will de-stress you and cheer your lives. We organize special “get-to gathers” and outings too, for you to lighten up and refresh. Come, lighten your hearts, lift up your spirits and, go on with a “Renewed” Life.

Every one of us has a right to “A Happy Life!”

A small gathering… Meeting up with other friends working people like you… Have a heart-to-heart chat… Foster a bonding friendship…

Everything here, at the ‘Campus Club of India’!