Campus Club of India

Campus Club India is a unique organization working for the quality and welfare of members and the community as a whole.
Through Campus Club India we will bring back the set joint family system which we left 45years before, Knowingly or Unknowingly the quality of life has not improved to the extent of the original place where we came from as even today we are busy maintaining our own satellite families. The distance between our own blood relations has widened so much that we are not even knowing the names of our own family members.
For a fact, when we visit our hometown we give something as tips and not as our duty to contribute to the welfare from where our roots belong.
As time passes, Some family members will settle very well and encash the cream of the environment and have a luxurious life while on the other hand Some family members will be completely underprivileged and will eventually lose even their basic rights, which had been given to all of us when we attained Independence.

Through Campus Club India we are trying to bridge the relation between the privileged and the underprivileged with very nominal and equal contributions for a lifetime membership.
The intention of the club is to create an individual identity with a quality touch.

In CCI all different clubs are formed by keeping in mind societies’ needs and problems.
CCI will bring back the Joint Family System in India through our efforts and your support.
Campus Club India has 9 different clubs
Like – Senior Citizen Club, Housewife club, Employer’s Club, Working Youth Club, School Students Club, College Students Club, Govt. Employees Club,
Entrepreneurs Club, Pets Club
In all clubs you will get different benefits as the clubs required and also within 45 days Members meeting takes place in that meeting members itself can decide what benefits they need from the club and what club should do in future.